Simafort locked

Sima and Simafort are both side tables, made of reinforced polypropylene, one including a safe box.  Both are ideal for use as side tables by a lounger at the pool, in the garden or on a terrace, at the beach, campsite, at a picnic or even on a cruise liner!

The SIMA® model is a traditional, light but robust and stackable table measuring  48,5x48,5x48,5 cm; the SIMAFORT® model has the same measurements and is also stackable but in addition includes a safe box allowing the user to lock any valuables (such as a mobile phone, iPad, spectacles, keys, wallet etc. ) so you can go off for a swim or a walk and feel confident that your belongings are secure. The safe system is user friendly. You place your valuables on the platform, push this upwards and then lock it with a digital push padlock which is also designed for the visually impaired.  The table can also be linked up to another object  (such as a lounger, a bag or even a tree) using a special connecting wire, so that this object cannot be removed or stolen.  

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